“The market is the final arbiter of value”

Working  together as part of your team, I help you achieve your  critical goals.

As technology leader, I have over 25 years of of experience building world class SaaS software and leading large teams through complex product and platform commercialization.  Expertise Includes: Business & Product Intelligence, AI, and Analytics, MarTech, FinTech, and Logistics.

Critical Problems My Clients Share

Growth, Mid market or Enterprise, digital transformation requires a laser focused, experienced leader who can bridge the gap between business strategy and technical capabilities.

Missed delivery dates

Missing product delivery dates is the most common issue for CEO’s and business leaders. They lack the visibility into software cycles, milestones and goals. Everyday the window of opportunity closes on your market. Releasing business value on time is a critical goal.

Production releases don’t work

Production software should be your “Gold Standard”. When software released to the market fails, market share and profits erode. Building process to quick cycle solid production releases is a critical goal.

Product and engineering teams don’t deliver business requirements at scale

Failure to build software that can scale with the growth of your company in market happens for many reasons.  Understanding scale and building in the foundation of scaling is a critical goal.

Digital Transforamtion: Failure to innovate

Missed opportunities as product lacks strategic view of the market dynamics.  Those dynamics put a premium on innovation.  Building a culture of innovation is a critical goal.

Add Andrew to the team

I can get your project aligned quickly and build successful teams that release great software products. I help you resolve critical issues and achieve your organizations’ critical goals.  Here is how:

“SaaS Therapy”

30 minute video walk through of challenges. Discover areas for improvement breakthrough and explore how Andrew can help. No cost, no obligation.

Chief Technology / Information / Product Officer

Digital transformation, SaaS Software projects focus on success milestones and product release.

Strategic Technical Advisor

Coaching/Mentoring/ Audit/Review on retainer. “I need a smart guy in the room!”

Board Advisor

Strategic board advisor to grow the company and raise capital, roadmap alignment, industry contacts and resources

The secret of success

55+ commercialized SaaS products and platforms

FinTech, Business intelligence/data, AI, ML, logistics, Retail, Healthcare, MarTech.

Successful exits

ITIC, Inc. Denver, CO., WayPoint Technologies, Scottsdale, AZ. SquadPod, Global, Octopi Commerce, USA,..

Experience and expertise

25+ years of software leadership and successful outcomes as Software CTO, CPO, Busines Intelligence Architect, CEO and President. Scrum & Agile practitioner/coach.

“I have sold the company, the IP, and the furniture!” 

Select Clients

I have delivered value on well over 100+ Technology projects, Leadership Makes All The Difference.  Just a few enterprise clients

Subject Matter Expertise

Experience and Expertise Can Make The Difference

Business Intelligence. BI, Analytics, Information Management, Data, Dashboards, Reports, Tabular, Visualizations, Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), Data Stewardship

Platform and Tools: PowerBI, Tableau, SQL Server, Postgres, ELK Stack, MongoDB, Redshift, DynamoDB, Looker, Informatica, Information Builders

Healthcare, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, SMB, Enterprise, Logistics, Supply Chain, Product Intelligence, Real Estate, Global Operations

Cloud: AWS, Azure, G Collaboration tools: Jira, Git GitHub, Confluence, Slack, Teams, TFS, G Suite


Here is what others say about Andrew:  “Thank you so much for your time yesterday. It was incredibly helpful – epiphany worthy..”

Robert Tenney

The Honor Based Foundation

“Andrew is a powerful example of servant-based leadership. I saw this firsthand as I worked with him at Octopi. He inspires those he leads, is generous in sharing his extensive experience, knows the technology, and his ability to build a cohesive, dedicated, and fully leveraged team is unparalleled. Andrew builds and leads teams that deliver. I am very fortunate to have been able to work with him.”

Mike Cylkowski

Senior Executive Board Member

“Andrew chaired a CEO Advantage group with which I was a member. Andrew led the group with a leadership style that was efficient and natural. The members accomplished more than any of us expected we could in a short time frame due to Andrew’s methods.”

Jim Harrigan


“I had the pleasure to work with Andrew at Bolste where both he, and his team, developed Bolste’s collaboration platform with significant success.

Andrew’s journey, like all startups, wasn’t easy. Yet his drive and tenacity for success remains exemplary. I am truly excited to see just how big his software platform becomes. I’d highly recommend Andrew, his team, and his software platform every time.”

Rachel Hawkinson

Global Payments

“I had the pleasure of joining Andrew’s team at Octopi and <saw> firsthand how he masterfully navigates the business vs. technology struggles of a young organization. His ability to balance revenue-driving feature development with strategizing solid, scalable technology solutions makes it easy to trust and be inspired by his leadership . He cultivated a richly talented team and organizational culture.. Andrew has served as a great mentor for myself and others, he is truly the definition of a servant leader.”